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Tut-tut Shhhhhh, Performance, Seventeen Gallery, 2019

Tut-tut Shhhh was an unsolicited interruption at an art film night, I act as an outside observer commenting on the previous videos shown, comparing it to going to the cinema as a child with my mother. I then start to tell an anecdote about a time I went to the theatre, booking tickets for my mum’s birthday while at art school, in an attempt to impress her with my new learned knowledge. I sit amongst the audience as I speak about the equitqute required in the theatre space, many that my mother is not aware of. As the evening goes on I tell of my increased emabarrasment as she falls foal of these unwritten rules, for example bringing her own sweets, this leads me to turn into a monster of meritocracy. Through interacting with the audience I play with classic pantomime expressions of call and response, directed by me but eventually taken over by them, as the performance goes on.