The yew branch in the left hand, Audio Installation, Yew, Spruce, Oak, Pine and Rowan saplings, wire cables, pulleys, dirt, house bricks, sledgehammer and trowl, 2018

'Hidden under the moss and trees, is the broken stone. The broken stone and brick of the houses of Birichen Muir, bricks laid for a new life, then torn down again. This is not where your from, we need this land now. Then the Sitka Spruces arrived, forced into creation, to alter the earth again. Go to the sea, go to sea my children. Turn your back on the land, of this land. Go to sea.' 


A continuation from the piece 'A small prickle on each side', the work aims to explore our ideas of memory and trauma. The focus of this piece is to relate how we try to cover up the past, first of all, In the literal sense of the forest plantations created after the Highland Clearances in 17th century Scotland. How the actions of our ancestors or family's can have an impact on our own personal ideas of self but also the generations that come after. The work moves between voices coming from the hanging tree saplings and the broken bricks and tools used to build and demolish homes. The work aims to connect the precarious nature of our place on the earth, what we call home and the evidence of what is hidden when we truly look at ourselves and the environment we live in.

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