Sir Uncle Georgy, Performance, 2019

The work attempts to navigate the way in which ingrained class and political structures permutate the narratives of our personal histories. By embodying a historian/genealogist character (loosely based on the artist themself) who has explored there past and found a figure that they can identify and relate. The performance is structured like a lecture/talk, with five objects placed in the middle of the room, a writing desk, bowler hat, gloves, shoes and walking cane, the audience is told these once belonged to the ancestor is question.


Using this ancestor to bring a focus on neo liberalism and meritocracy, the character slowly places praise on these class-based ideas. As the performance progresses, the artist starts to wear the objects, as the increase in classist language increase, slowly becoming a version of his ancestor. However as this happens the fact the objects don’t quite fit or look strange, the artist becomes more and more like the fool and not the ‘great’ ancestor he is trying to personify. The use of fictional elements in revisiting the conception of history and that of our personal histories, allows us to expand outwards to see how we all enacts a familiar rhetoric of using history to try and cement our place in our environment and problems that can arise from this.