Fancy a Cup of Tea, Multimedia Installation, 2019

The work attempts to navigate the changes happening spatially, politically and ideas of home under the effects of impending Brexit. The installation includes a video piece filmed in the artist's family home, with his father. The artist then recites the St Crispin's Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry V, while his father listens and watches the TV. The video sits in a stripped back living room instillation, shown on a flat screen TV, along with a sofa and lamp. Projected on the wall is a large CGI St George’s Cross blowing in an artificial wind. Behind the sofa is a large pile of used teabags, which at first glance resembles a big pile of horseshit. Through all these factors, the different objects and video push us in different directions to the trying to understand our place in the possible debate going on screen but also where we sit on this difficult topic.