A small prickle on each side, Mixed Media Installation, 2018

"These forest are no more natural to this environment as I am. I have, as they have, replaced what came before. Forced by the touch of man into geometric form and compelled to belong. An alien manipulated into alien environment."

This audio lead installation piece in the old polytunnels in Lewisham College, Deptford, explores the notion of memory and trauma. A fictional character is collecting tree saplings and artifacts to recreate the landscape before the Highland Clearances in the Highlands of Scotland in the 17th and 18th Century. Based on my own knowledge of the county of Sutherland from my childhood visiting family, which this character shares with me. His obsessive nature of collecting, labeling and reproducing the past, is unknowingly replicating the motions of the colonial power that changed the landscape before. Through these saplings, objects and voice recordings coming from the plant pots, the narrative is revealed.